Why is Neblio (NEBL) a Threat to Ethereum (ETH)?

Is Neblio (NEBL) a Threat to Etherium (ETH)?

Why is Neblio (NEBL) a threat to Ethereum (ETH)? Many investors have been extremely enthusiastic about the new cryptocurrency Neblio and its many advantages against Ethereum.

What are Neblio’s advantages against Ethereum and why is it considered to be a threat to Ethereum? Both cryptocurrencies are similar due to the fact that a specialty purpose of both coins is to provide developers a means of building decentralized applications.

Neblio (NEBL) is a much newer cryptocurrency than Ethereum (ETH) and is more advanced in many ways. NEBL has only been around for about 6 months while ETH has been around since 2014. Therefore, NEBL has not yet had the time to be adapted by developers like ETH has. As a result of its technological advancements, NEBL has started to become a much more preferred cryotocurrency than ETH is, especially for developers.

Due to the fact that Neblio is just in the beginning phases of being highly adapted, it has an extreme amount of space to grow in price due to up and coming adaptation.

Why is NEBL More Preferred Than ETH?

Neblio can be developed with various types of well known programming languanges including Python, Java, Javascript, .NET, C#, Objective-C, Node.JS, Go, Ruby, and PHP, while Etherium can only be programmed with Solidity. As a result, NEBL is much more adaptable by new developers.

Fully decentralized. Decantralization is an important factor for most cryptocurrency fanatics. It is one thing that Neblio (NEBL) has while it is something that Etherium (ETH) lacks.

NEBL has a very low circulating supply of 12,902,739 coins, while ETH has a circulating supply of 98,176,252. The annual POS (proof of stake) rate for
NEBL is 10%, which means the maximum amount of inflation that can occur yearly is 10%. Although, all circulating NEBL coins will not be staking all year long therefore the cap inflation rate of %10 will not be actually be reached. The more realistic rate of inflation would only be about 5%-6%.

It is currently selling at an extremely low price at under $15.00 USD.

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Where Can You Trade Neblio (NEBL)?

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