Which Cryptocurrency Exchange Has Never Been Hacked?

A Cryptocurrency Exchange That Has Never Directly Been Hacked

If your anything like most traders or any beginner trader, you’ve probably wondered “which cryptourrency exchange has never been hacked before?”

Due to certain privacy issues that some cryptocurrency exchanges have recently had, it may be confusing for some people as to which ones can be trusted.

According to our current analysis, Binance is an exchange that has never been hacked. There has never been a report (as of we know) about any type of hacker(s) ever breaking into the Binance security system. See Binance reviews to see what other people think.

Although Never Directly Hacked, Be Aware Of Fake Websites With Similar Domains

There have been incidents where people have made fake websites that look like Binance, which a very similar looking domain, in order to fool people.

Be aware of fake domains and fake exchange websites no matter what exchange you are using. Do not put your information into a website that is not the real website of an exchange.

An exchange its self can be fully secure but if you input your login information into a fraudulent website that has a different but similar looking domain, that will be considered your personal fault and not the exchange’s.

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