What is Litecoin’s Litepay?

Litepay is Merchant Services System For Litecoin

What exatly does that mean?

Litepay Will Enable The Buying of Goods & Services From Businesses/Stores Using The Cryptocurrency Litecoin (LTC)

With Litepay, users can a have a Litepay card that can be used as a debit card for the cryptocurrency litecoin. In other words, a Litepay card would basically considered to be a “Litepay debit card” or a “Litecoin debit card.”

You will be able to order one of these Litepay cards and make purchases from stores or businesses by using the card, just like you would use a debit card.

Merchants, such as businesses(stores, etc), will be able to sign up for the Litepay merchant services system and begin accepting litecoin as payment through their customer’s litepay cards.

Basic Rundown of Exactly How You Will Be Able to Use Litepay

Step1: Sign up for a Litepay Wallet on https://www.litepay.us/ and order a Litepay card.

Step 2: Activate your Litepay card when it arrives in the mail.

Step 3: Load up your Litepay Wallet with litecoin.

Step 4: Begin useing your Litepay card at any store or business that starts accepting Litepay!

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