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SAFEX calculator:


SAFEX price:

1 SAFEX = 0.02239000 USD
1 SAFEX = 0.00000301 BTC
1 SAFEX = 0.00003855 ETH
1 SAFEX = 0.00018920 LTC
1 SAFEX = 0.00006623 DASH
1 SAFEX = 0.01916000 EUR
1 SAFEX = 2.55000000 JPY
1 SAFEX = 0.01678000 GBP
1 SAFEX = 0.02273000 CHF
1 SAFEX = 0.02971000 AUD
1 SAFEX = 0.02925000 CAD
1 SAFEX = 0.05526000 BGN
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SAFEX Price in USD

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SAFEX Price in BTC

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How To Buy SafeX Coins

SAFEX coins will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges soon!

The only major exchange with SafeX available for trade is currently TradeSatoshi. TradeSatoshi is currently not accepting any new accounts.

The following exchanges may start trading SAFEX soon so hurry and sign up with them incase they stop accepting new users too!

SAFEX Wallets

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Mobile SAFEX Wallets

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SAFEX Exchanges

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