neo microsoft dev competition results and information

NEO Microsoft Dev Competition Results

NEO Dev Competition Results

Results of the dev competition hosted by NEO and co-organized by Microsoft have been announced. The competition has a prize pool of $490,000.00 USD which is to be distributed throughout the winners.

Winners of the NEO Microsoft Dev Compeition

1: First Place Prize Winner (One Team) - Nachomen

What is Nachomen?

Nachomen is a complete blockchain based game where players can battle and trade with other players all across the world. Players can win battles, level up & get ranked in the global leaderboards of the game.

2: Second Place Prize Winners (Two Teams)


What is Elight?
Enlight allows users to build cross-platform native apps by using only JavaScript.


What is Treatail?
Treatail allows users to request a discount on online stores. You can make a personalized deal with a seller and can negotiate a deal.

3: Third Place Prize Winners (Three Teams)

Loyalty Program on a NEO Blockchain

Enable business to launch loyalty program or move existing loyalty program to a NEO blockchain.


LOOT Marketplaces are a new decentralized ecosystem built on the NEO blockchain where digital assets in gaming can be securely bought, sold, and/ or traded on blockchain technology.

Non-fungible Token Smart Contract Template

A non-fungible token (NFT) can be thought of like a property deed.

Award of Merit (10 teams)

  • NEO-Vitae
  • Green Deal
  • adX
  • Smart Transit
  • NeoDraw – NEO Persistable Classes Platform 2.0
  • Sendeo
  • Musketon
  • blockterms
  • Anno
  • I made This – NEO eSignature
It has been announced by that the winning projects will be contacted within 1 week and the bounty will be distributed accordingly.

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