NEO Microsoft Dev Competition Results

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Check NEO Price NEO Dev Competition Results Results of the dev competition hosted by NEO and co-organized by Microsoft have been announced. The competition has a prize pool of $490,000.00 USD which is to be distributed throughout the winners. Winners of the NEO Microsoft Dev Compeition 1: First Place Prize Winner (One Team) – Nachomen […]

Video: Can Governments Ban Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency?

This Video Was Originally Posted On By The Altcoin Buzz Channel The Video Posted Above Mentions How Banks Are Afraid Of Cryptocurrency, And How A Banker Has Created A False Scare In Cryptocurrency Society The video above explains in further detail as to why the banks are extremely afraid of Bitcoin & cryptocurrency. It […]

How Much Will Cryptocurrencies Crash?

How Much Will Cryptocurrencies Crash? on

How Much Can Cryptocurrencies Possibly Keep Crashing? Almost the entire cryptocurrency market has been on a downhill for the past few days. The recent debates about cryptocurrency regulations in South Korea have left the traders of the country in pull out mode. As a result, it seems as though other traders from all across the […]

COLX ColossusXT Added To CryptoBridge Exchange


COLX Added To CryptoBridge Exchange On January 15, 2018, COLX announced that they have been officially been added to CryptoBridge CryptoBridge┬áis a decentralized exchange (DEX), under development utilizing a high performance scalable blockchain and supports trading of most popular altcoins. Stake BridgeCoin (BCO) to Earn Profits From DEX CryptoBridge offers investors to “stake” their BCO. […]

Will SafeX Coin Be The New Big Thing?


Many Of You May Have Recently Heard About A Cryptocurrency Called Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) holders and cryptocurrency traders keep wondering if SAFEX will be the new big thing. Cryptocurrency experts & enthusiasts are highly interested of what this coin has to offer for the cryptocurrency world. Their interests in SAFEX […]

Microsoft Starts Accepting Bitcoin Payments Again

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The Prices Of Bitcoin Have Drastically Been Effected From Decisions Made By Microsoft Microsoft has once again began accepting bitcoin as a form of payment on their online store. On January 7, 2018, the company Microsoft stopped accepting bitcoin as a form of payment, which caused the price of BTC to drastically fall. The total […]