State Of Georgia Publicly Considers Accepting Bitcoin For State Taxes

Georgia Considers Allowing it’s Residents to Pay State Taxes in Bitcoin On February 21, 2018, two Georgia state senators by the names of Michael Williams and Joshua McKoon publicly consider accepting the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) as a form of state tax. The recently submitted a public record titled as “Georgia Senate Bill 464.” This bill that […]

Which Cryptocurrency Exchange Has Never Been Hacked?

A Cryptocurrency Exchange That Has Never Directly Been Hacked If your anything like most traders or any beginner trader, you’ve probably wondered “which cryptourrency exchange has never been hacked before?” Due to certain privacy issues that some cryptocurrency exchanges have recently had, it may be confusing for some people as to which ones can be […]

Fastest Way To Buy Etherium With High Limits

Whats The Fastest Way To Buy Etherium With High Limits In 2018 Are you constantly falling into a position where you urgently need to buy Etherium (ETH) but all your ways of getting some take over 1 week for your to recieve your coins? There a few ways of buying Etherium with USD, but some […]

Russian President Vladimir Putin discusses using Ethereum with founder Vitalik Buterin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been speaking with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin about using Etheruem, during a session that took place following the President’s meeting with heads of major foreign companies and business associations on June 2nd, at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) event.   Source: Russian President Vladimir Putin discusses using Ethereum with founder Vitalik Buterin

Best Way To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card 2018

Buy Bitcoin Cryptocurrency with Credit Card.

What Is The Best Way To Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card In 2018? Have you been stuck in a situation where you are urgently trying to buy Bitcoin as fast as possible but are having a problem because it usually takes 7-10 days to process a transaction with your bank account? There are many […]

Video: Can Governments Ban Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency?

This Video Was Originally Posted On By The Altcoin Buzz Channel The Video Posted Above Mentions How Banks Are Afraid Of Cryptocurrency, And How A Banker Has Created A False Scare In Cryptocurrency Society The video above explains in further detail as to why the banks are extremely afraid of Bitcoin & cryptocurrency. It […]

How Much Will Cryptocurrencies Crash?

How Much Will Cryptocurrencies Crash? on

How Much Can Cryptocurrencies Possibly Keep Crashing? Almost the entire cryptocurrency market has been on a downhill for the past few days. The recent debates about cryptocurrency regulations in South Korea have left the traders of the country in pull out mode. As a result, it seems as though other traders from all across the […]

Will SafeX Coin Be The New Big Thing?


Many Of You May Have Recently Heard About A Cryptocurrency Called Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) holders and cryptocurrency traders keep wondering if SAFEX will be the new big thing. Cryptocurrency experts & enthusiasts are highly interested of what this coin has to offer for the cryptocurrency world. Their interests in SAFEX […]

Microsoft Starts Accepting Bitcoin Payments Again

live etherium prices and etherium calculator

The Prices Of Bitcoin Have Drastically Been Effected From Decisions Made By Microsoft Microsoft has once again began accepting bitcoin as a form of payment on their online store. On January 7, 2018, the company Microsoft stopped accepting bitcoin as a form of payment, which caused the price of BTC to drastically fall. The total […]