NEO Microsoft Dev Competition Results

neo microsoft dev competition results and information

Check NEO Price NEO Dev Competition Results Results of the dev competition hosted by NEO and co-organized by Microsoft have been announced. The competition has a prize pool of $490,000.00 USD which is to be distributed throughout the winners. Winners of the NEO Microsoft Dev Compeition 1: First Place Prize Winner (One Team) – Nachomen […]

Why is Neblio (NEBL) a Threat to Ethereum (ETH)?

Live Neblio (NEBL) Coin Price Is Neblio (NEBL) a Threat to Etherium (ETH)? Why is Neblio (NEBL) a threat to Ethereum (ETH)? Many investors have been extremely enthusiastic about the new cryptocurrency Neblio and its many advantages against Ethereum. What are Neblio’s advantages against Ethereum and why is it considered to be a threat to […]

What is Litecoin’s Litepay?

Litepay is Merchant Services System For Litecoin What exatly does that mean? Litepay Will Enable The Buying of Goods & Services From Businesses/Stores Using The Cryptocurrency Litecoin (LTC) With Litepay, users can a have a Litepay card that can be used as a debit card for the cryptocurrency litecoin. In other words, a Litepay card […]

State Of Georgia Publicly Considers Accepting Bitcoin For State Taxes

Georgia Considers Allowing it’s Residents to Pay State Taxes in Bitcoin On February 21, 2018, two Georgia state senators by the names of Michael Williams and Joshua McKoon publicly consider accepting the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) as a form of state tax. The recently submitted a public record titled as “Georgia Senate Bill 464.” This bill that […]

Which Cryptocurrency Exchange Has Never Been Hacked?

A Cryptocurrency Exchange That Has Never Directly Been Hacked If your anything like most traders or any beginner trader, you’ve probably wondered “which cryptourrency exchange has never been hacked before?” Due to certain privacy issues that some cryptocurrency exchanges have recently had, it may be confusing for some people as to which ones can be […]

What Is A Pump and Dump?

How Much Will Cryptocurrencies Crash? on

Binance Is Now Accepting New Users! What Does “Pump and Dump” Mean? If you have recently gotten into cryptocurrency trading, you’ve probably came across the phrase “pump and dump” before. What does pump and dump mean? Lets start off by saying that it basically means exactly what it sounds like, but its worth mentioning that […]

BUDBO Coin Global Cannabis Blockchain

Budbo Token Cryptocurrency

What is Budbo Token? Budbo is the first platform for the global cannabis industry built on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts. Budbo is based on Ethereum. Budbo combines retailers, labs, manufacturers, cultivators, and logistics into a decentralized, open network, making the cannabis industry transparent, and accountable. Budbo’s core functionality is to provide a distributed ledger […]

The Larry and Joe Show Live with Dan Dabek Creator of SafeX

The Larry and Joe Show Live with Dan Dabek Creator of SafeX

Safex Founder Dan Debek on Larry and Joe Show on January 20th Video Taken From YouTube “Live with Dan Dabek creator of SafeX who has a HUGE announcement!” Dan Dabek Expresses Information About Himself, His True Passion About Cryptocurrency & Provides Information About SafeX, Serbia, Liberland, The SafeX Marketplace & More See more articles on […]

Fastest Way To Buy Etherium With High Limits

Whats The Fastest Way To Buy Etherium With High Limits In 2018 Are you constantly falling into a position where you urgently need to buy Etherium (ETH) but all your ways of getting some take over 1 week for your to recieve your coins? There a few ways of buying Etherium with USD, but some […]

Russian President Vladimir Putin discusses using Ethereum with founder Vitalik Buterin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been speaking with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin about using Etheruem, during a session that took place following the President’s meeting with heads of major foreign companies and business associations on June 2nd, at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) event.   Source: Russian President Vladimir Putin discusses using Ethereum with founder Vitalik Buterin